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  • HBK Product Physics Conference 2020

    All conference sessions are now available as recorded videos through our conference platform.

    You can still get access to the conference platform and see all 50+ recordings with customers and experts speaking at the first HBK Product Physics Conference.

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    HBM Representative in Poland

    Ul. Krauthofera 16
    PL 60-203 Poznań

    Tel: +48 61 66 25 666
    Mobile: +48 501 607 400
    Fax: +48 61 66 25 666

    e-mail: [email protected]

    Website: http://www.swtcypx.com.pl

    HBM - Your eMobility Test Center

    HBM supports clients with the right tools that make their products more sustainable by optimizing efficiency, performance and range, enhancing structural durability, and conducting thermal analysis.

    eMobility with HBM